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Can you keep a secret?

We’re doing a beta test tonight of a disability ministry training platform that will allow us to prerecord video training that will be accompanied by the availability of live chat with the presenters who developed the training. Continue reading

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Bridging the Gap Can Be Fun and Not Scary…Inclusion Fusion Library

In Marie’s presentation from Inclusion Fusion 2012, she shares creative ways that churches…and the most fearful, inexperienced volunteer in the church-can serve kids with special needs and their families using fun, meaningful outreach opportunities. Continue reading

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Road Trip…to the 2013 McLean Bible Church Accessibility Summit

On Friday evening, Katie Wetherbee will be teaming up with Amy Kendall, Disability Coordinator from Saddleback Church in California to present Comfort and Joy: Creating a Classroom Culture That Could Change the Kingdom.

Also on Friday evening, Harmony Hensley will be presenting on the topic of Volunteer Recruitment and Retention.

On Saturday, I’ll have the opportunity to share on the topic of Supporting Children and Teens who Struggle With Anxiety. Rebecca Hamilton will be participating as part of the panel in a discussion…Respite-The Gift of Time, led by Jackie Mills-Fernald and including Sib Nafziger Charles and Cameron Doolittle. Continue reading

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Everything you need to join the movement!

Our FREERESPITE manual provides a comprehensive resource to churches seeking to offer high quality respite care. Continue reading

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Innovations: St. Gabriel’s Church…The “One Day Voyage” with Amanda Mooney

I had 2 great surprises during our first One Day Voyage. The first was that, even more important than the event itself, was what offering it said to families. It let them know that we cared about everyone in our Parish and community and that we wanted them to be with us! They were so appreciative that we would offer something like this for no other reason than because we cared! Continue reading

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Fruit…Guest Post from Rebecca Hamilton

We covered all the specifics that night; I fielded a few phone calls and e-mails with last-minute questions before these proverbial little birds were ready to fly. Their first respite night is coming up this Friday, and once a month thereafter. I can’t wait to hear all the stories that will come from their sincere desire to serve their community for Christ. I’m privileged to have been a small part of what I know will shine a bright, pure light toward Christ. Please join us in praying for their efforts, and for the efforts of every church that wants to serve in this way. His love is amazing!
Continue reading

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“Thinking Orange”: Libby Peterson on Partnering With Parents

We are coming to believe that every time we tell parents we are here to “equip” them in the faith training of their children we reinforce their belief that they are not adequate AND we feed the cultural lie that parents should contract out each aspect of their child’s growth and development. Parents need discipleship – to fall in love again with Christ – and encouragement to share what they know and are consistently learning with their kids. The church is here to HELP. Too often churches talk about partnering with parents when the church is in fact taking the LEAD and expecting parents to get on board with their initiatives.
Continue reading

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Rumor: Coming Soon?

For the last 18 months, our good friends at Cincinnati Vineyard, hosts of our upcoming JAM Session on March 18, have been quietly developing a website to support the emerging movement of Christ-honoring churches rallying around families of kids with significant disabilities by providing regularly-scheduled, free respite care.
Continue reading

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Thinking “Orange”: How churches can pursue families of kids with disabilities

Most kids who have a hidden disability can be included in age-appropriate church programming without “buddies” when ministry leaders are attuned to the effect sensory issues, transitions, program design and specific activities have on kids with common conditions like ADHD, anxiety and Asperger’s Disorder. Continue reading

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What Challenges Do Kids With Bipolar Disorder Face?

With rare exceptions, kids want to be good. They want their parents to approve of them. They want other kids to like them and want to be with them. They want to be normal. Continue reading

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