Inclusion Fusion 2011…Speakers and Topics

Here’s our most recent listing (as of October 29, 2011) of committed Inclusion Fusion speakers and the topics they plan to discuss. Remember…all of the presentations will be available for viewing at any time throughout the three day conference (November 3-5, 2011).

Jeremy Collins: Using Social Media in Special Needs Ministry

Cara Daily: Autism Spectrum Disorders: Practical Tips for the Church

Shannon Dingle: Common Misperceptions About Disability Ministry and Disability, the Sanctity of Life and the Church

Barb Dittrich: Bathing in the Healing of Forgiveness

Amy Dolan: Customizing Your Curriculum

Ryan Edlind: Church and Mental Health…Bridging the Gap From a Leadership Perspective

Joe and Cindi Ferrini: The Unexpected Journey of Relationships-When Special Needs Change Our Course!

David Glover: The P.U.R.E. Ministry Project: What, When, Why and Where?

Steve Grcevich: Kids With “Issues”…The Mission Field Next Door

Rebecca Hamilton (with Katie Wetherbee): Got the Keys? Starting Your Ministry 

Harmony Hensley: Inclusive Ministry Environments

Jim Hukill: Renovate: Transforming a Disability Movement

Connie Hutchinson: The Road to Independence

Marie Kuch: Launch Your Special Needs Ministry With a Respite Program! It Works!!!

Rhonda Martin: Nurturing Spiritual Growth in Kids With Anxiety

Jeff McNair: Integration as a Core Value

Amanda Mooney: We know we should…but HOW?

Libby Peterson: Relational Respite-A “Go To Them” Theme

Jolene Philo: Ten Ways Churches Can Support Parents of Kids With Special Needs

Chuck Swindoll: Challenges: Choosing What You Will Do with Them

Colleen Swindoll-Thompson: Challenges: What’s Your Perspective

Swindoll Grandchildren (Ashley, Austin, Cody): Does Anyone See Me? Attending to the Silent Sufferers

Bob West: Where is My Heart?

Katie Wetherbee: How To Advocate For Your Child At Church

Laura Lee Wright: For Kingdom’s Sake

Interested in more of what our speakers have to offer? Check out their blogs:

Shannon Dingle: The Works of God Displayed
Barb Dittrich: Comfort in the Midst of Chaos
Amy Dolan: Lemon-Lime Kids
Cindi and Joe Ferrini: Creative Management Fundamentals
David Glover: P.U.R.E. Viewpoints
Steve Grcevich: Church4EveryChild
Jeff McNair: Disabled Christianity
Jolene Philo: A Different Dream
Colleen Swindoll-Thompson: Special Needs Ministry
Bob West: The Need Project
Katie Wetherbee: Diving For Pearls

All of these leaders in children’s ministry and disability ministry are coming together on November 3rd-5th to put on a FREE Special Needs Ministry Web Summit for church staff, volunteers, family members and caregivers everywhere. That’s Inclusion Fusion, Key Ministry’s First Annual Special Needs Ministry Web Summit, featuring this year’s Keynote Speaker, Chuck SwindollRegister here for the Summit!

2 Responses to Inclusion Fusion 2011…Speakers and Topics

  1. Henry Quinones says:

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. I am looking foward to see and hear all the speakers and maybe this way I can know what to expect when a family with special needs comes to my Church and maybe even know what to do. God bless your staff and all your efforts to educate us.


  2. drgrcevich says:

    Henry…Thanks for your kind words! It’s a joy for our team to offer something like this. Please let us know if our team can be of help to you or your church in starting or growing a ministry for kids with disabilities and their families.


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