317650_266042136752225_116940088329098_865135_613522890_nPeople could fairly describe me as “bi-vocational.” I’m a physician specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry. I work in an independent group practice with other mental health professionals, serve on the faculty of two medical schools, and participate in research evaluating the safety of medications commonly prescribed to children and teens. I had been involved with several national committees for my specialty society and traveled widely to teach prior to assuming my current responsibilities.

I also serve as Board Chairman of Key Ministry. We offer free training, consultation and resources to churches seeking to minister to families of kids with disabilities. I have a special interest in helping churches better understand how to serve kids and teens with common emotional, behavioral and developmental disorders. I’ve served on the boards of the two churches my family has attended…my experiences have convinced me the church can do a better job of supporting families as parents seek to help their kids grow spiritually. Someday, I’d like to be involved in starting a web-based church for families of kids with disabilities who aren’t able to attend “bricks and mortar” churches, and I’d like to help other people with vision for “God things” who haven’t had a church as supportive as mine.

I’ve been extraordinarily blessed with a wife with brains, beauty and a heart for God, along with two great kids, of whom I couldn’t be more proud. I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve an incredible ministry team and the ability to help others experience the excitement of serving God’s purposes in our generation.

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