Find community online

shutterstock_298359230Key for Families seeks to provide encouragement and support for families of kids with disabilities through several types of online gatherings; large group communities (housed on Facebook and organized around a specific condition, disability or area of interest), special interest study groups organized around a topical study (Bible study, book study or shared media, housed on Facebook but including opportunities for real time interaction via videoconferencing) and more intimate small groups.

shutterstock_326764691Facebook communities are:

  • Broadly organized around common interests (child and adolescent mental health, trauma, Asperger’s Disorder, parents in ministry, homeschooling and disability are examples of a few communities that will be starting at launch)
  • Are directed by a team of hosts responsible for overseeing the content and membership of the community.
  • Are “closed” groups…any member can invite a new member, but members need to be registered with Key for Families and approved by a community host. Membership is NOT confidential…anyone can find the group on Facebook and see who belongs to the group.
  • Typically feature links to articles or content of interest to the group shared to promote awareness or discussion.
  • Open-ended.

shutterstock_104902844Special interest study groups are:

  • Organized around a study/discussion of a book, Scripture or other media easily shared with all participants in the group.
  • Housed on Facebook as “secret groups.” Only current and former members can see the group’s name and description on Facebook, and only current members can see links and comments posted to the group. Any member can invite a new member, but (as with Facebook communities) members need to be registered with Key for Families and approved by a community host. Comments and discussion inside the group is confidential.
  • Are offered under the sponsorship of one or more Key for Families Facebook communities.
  • Led by an assigned host.
  • Are limited to a maximum of fifty participants.
  • Are typically time-limited, with exceptions made upon approval of Key for Families leadership.
  • May involve a requirement for group members to purchase resources or materials.

Small groups are:

  • Offered not by Key Ministry, but by individual churches.
  • Operate under the spiritual direction and authority of the local church.
  • May meet online or in a specific geographic location

If you serve in a staff or leadership role in a local church and are interested in receiving assistance from our team in extending your church’s small group ministry to families impacted by disability, please contact us and let us know how we might help.

Links to groups that meet in a specific “bricks and mortar” location may be found here.