Inclusion Fusion 2014 Speaker Handouts

IF 2014 Poster

Links to Inclusion Fusion 2014 Speaker Handouts…

Barb Dittrich…Using Social Media to Grow Your Ministry

Doug and Leanne Goddard…Beyond Benevolence

Dr. Steve Grcevich…Online Church Outreach to Families Impacted by Disability

Pam Harmon/Christen Morrow-Ara…Young Life Capernaum

Barb Newman…Inclusive Christian Education

Joe Padilla…Mental Illness, the Church and the Hope of Recovery

Jolene Philo…Ten Things Churches Should Know About PTSD in Kids and Adults

Tracy Terrill…Shepherds College

Ryan Wolfe…Standing in the Gap for Adults With Developmental Disabilities


Website screen shotKey Ministry is pleased to invite you to check out our new website. Over 180 downloadable resources are available to pastors, church staff and volunteers seeking to serve kids with disabilities and their families, including all Inclusion Fusion presentations from our first two Web Summits are available with FREE registration. Check out today and share the link with others interested in welcoming kids with disabilities and their families at church.

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