Jolene Philo on PTSD in Children

Causes shutterstock_217708963Jolene Philo developed this series on PTSD in Children while serving as a guest contributor to Key Ministry from September-November, 2015.

9/3/15: Writing about PTSD in Children Was Not on My Bucket List

9/10/15: Childhood trauma, by any other name is still traumatic

9/17/15: Ten Common Myths Surrounding PTSD in Children

Baby in Pediatric ICU shutterstock_1145200099/24/15: What Causes PTSD in Children?

10/1/15: The instinctual trauma response

10/8/15: Why the Spotlight Is on PTSD in Children

10/15/15: Childhood PTSD Symptoms in Tots, Teens and In Betweens

10/22/15: Why and How Childhood PTSD Is Often Misdiagnosed

Childhood trauma and PTSD shutterstock_26813226810/29/15: Effective Treatment of PTSD in Children

11/5/15: How to Prevent PTSD in Traumatized Children

11/12/15: How Parents Can Advocate Effectively for Traumatized Children

11/19/15: 4 Reasons Traumatized Kids Need Mentally Healthy Parents

11/24/15: Clinging to Faith while Parenting Children with PTSD


In this presentation from Inclusion Fusion 2014, Jolene offers 10 insights about PTSD churches can use to understand the needs of families affected by this mental illness, welcome them into their congregations, and provide both spiritual and practical support.

In this presentation from Inclusion Fusion 2012, Jolene discussed six common myths and misperceptions about PTSD in children.

About Jolene:

Jolene Blog PageJolene Philo’s first book, A Different Dream for My Child, was released in 2009 followed by Different Dream Parenting in 2011, both with Discovery House. In 2014, Discovery House published her immensely helpful and practical The Caregiver’s Notebook: An Organizational Tool and Support to Help You Care for Others.

Jolene writes a monthly column about parenting kids with special needs for Caregiving in America. Her parenting articles, cooking articles, and devotions have been appeared in publications including Focus on the Family, ParentLife, Home Cooking, and indeed. She also speaks nationally at parenting conferences, writing workshops, and church events.

Does My Child Have PTSD?Before starting a freelance writing and speaking career in 2003, Jolene taught school for twenty-five years. Her undergraduate degree was in elementary education with a minor in learning disabilities, and she holds a Master of Science degree in effective teaching.

Jolene and her husband Hiram live in Boone, Iowa. They enjoy visiting their two adult children and then returning home to their empty nest.

Most Recent Project: Every Child Welcome (Kregel 2015), Does My Child Have PTSD? (Familius, 2015)