Speakers and Topics for Inclusion Fusion 2012

Here’s a current list of speakers committed to joining us for Inclusion Fusion 2012! We’ll be adding to this list by the day in the coming weeks as we receive more commitments. If you’d like to register for Key Ministry’s Second Annual Disability Ministry Web Summit, click here. Like all other Key Ministry services and resources, Inclusion Fusion is made available to churches and families free of charge.

Mike Beates (International Board of Directors, Joni and Friends): Brief Theology of Disabilities

Ben Conner (Young Life Capernaum): Amplifying our Witness: From Inclusion to Partnership (pictured at right)

Cara Daily (Inner Health Ministries, Key Ministry): Do I Have to Have Surgery to Open My Heart to Jesus? (pictured at right)

Jeff Davidson (Rising Above Ministries): Two-gether

Barb Dittrich (SNAPPIN’ Ministries): Making the Case for Mentoring

Amy Dolan (Lemon-Lime Kids): The Intersection of Calling and Opportunity (pictured at right)

Joe and Cindi Ferrini (Cru, Unexpected Journey): We are FAMILY!

Beth Guckenberger (Back2Back Ministries): Holistically Serving the Adopted/Foster Child (pictured at right)

Rebecca Hamilton (Key Ministry): FREERESPITE Training Info (pictured at right)

Mike and Penny Hanlon (Avon United Methodist Church) Organizing, Planning and Managing while Loving

Harmony Hensley (Key Ministry): FREERESPITE: Join the Movement!

Jim Hukill (Lift Disability Network): Exchange of Presence (pictured at right)

John and Ann Holmes (Restoration Church, Pittsburgh, PA): Broken Needs Fixed

Amy Jacober (Youth Ministry Architects, Young Life Capernaum): Good for All: How Serving in Ministry With People With Disabilities Strengthens Your Faith (pictured at right)

John Knight (Desiring God): For the Sake of Your Own Joy! Why Your Church Should Want Families Like Mine (pictured at right)

Marie Kuck (Nathaniel’s Hope): Bridging the Gap Can Be Fun And Not So Scary

Gillian Marchenko (Christian Fellowship Church, Chicago, IL): Loss and Grief in Parenting Children With Special Needs (pictured at right)

Jeff McNair (California Baptist University, Joni and Friends Christian Institute on Disability): Maturity in Ministry

Chris Nelson (Traders Point Christian Church) Technology and Special Needs Ministry (pictured at right)

Nick Palermo (Young Life Capernaum): Including Kids With Special Needs in Your Youth Ministry

Libby Peterson (Bay Presbyterian Church, Key Ministry): Inclusion: An Idea, an Event, or a Lifestyle? (pictured at right)

Jolene Philo (Different Dream Parenting): It’s Not Just For Soldiers Anymore: PTSD and Kids With Special Needs

Bryan Roe (Crosspoint Community Church, Oconomowoc, WI): The Greater Miracle (pictured at right)

Aaron Scheffler (Mark 2 Ministries): Networking: For Ministry (pictured at right)

Rhett Smith (Auxano Counseling): Reframing Anxiety: The Inclusion of Anxiety in Our Church Communities

Matthew Stanford (Mental Health Grace Alliance): Viewing Mental Illness Through the Eyes of Faith (pictured at right)

Nella Uitvlugt (Friendship Ministries) Ministering Beside Adults With Intellectual Disabilities (pictured at left)

Katie Wetherbee (Key Ministry): Sticks and Stones, Clicks and Phones: Solutions for Preventing Bullying at Church 

Ryan Wolfe (First Christian Church, Canton OH): If You Build It, They Will Come (pictured at right)

Mike Woods (Special Needs Ministry, First Baptist Orlando): Partnering With Parents

Laura Lee Wright (Northland, A Church Distributed): Leading With a Limp

Interested in more of what our speakers have to offer? Check out their blogs:

Mike Beates: (pictured at right) For Those Who Walk Among Noise

Jeff Davidson: Elevate

Shannon DingleThe Works of God Displayed

Barb Dittrich: (Pictured at right) Comfort in the Midst of Chaos

Amy DolanLemon-Lime Kids

Cindi and Joe Ferrini: Creative Management Fundamentals

Penny Hanlon: Coming Home

Harmony Hensley: (Pictured at right)  A Reckless Pursuit

Ann Holmes: Restoration Heart

Amy JacoberTheological Curves

John Knight: The Works of God

Gillian Marchenko: Gillian Marchenko

Jeff McNair: (Pictured at right) Disabled Christianity

Libby Peterson: Bay Pres Blog

Jolene PhiloA Different Dream

Rhett Smith: (Pictured at right) Rhett Smith

Colleen Swindoll-ThompsonSpecial Needs Ministry

Katie Wetherbee: (Pictured at right)  Diving For Pearls

Mike Woods: Special Friends Ministry

Laura Lee Wright: The Table

4 Responses to Speakers and Topics for Inclusion Fusion 2012

  1. NancyHinds says:

    I preregistered in October. I don’t see an info on how I get to the live presentations? I need specific instructions as i am not all that computer savvy. Nancy hinds


    • drgrcevich says:

      Hi Nancy,

      Here are directions for doing the live chat…When you log onto the site and click on one of the video presentations, you’ll see on the bottom bar of the computer window a small box labeled “Shout Box Pro”…when you click on the box, you’ll be prompted to enter your user name and gender. Click Login…you’ll be in the chat room.


  2. zeemaid says:

    Is there anyway the presentations will be available? I was randomly searching for something else and came across a brief blurb about Gillian Marchenko Grief in Parenting Children With Special Needs and found about this event.. sadly after the fact. The grief part hit home for me as I realized that my husband and I have been struggling with that this past year as we work towards a diagnosis with our special needs daughter. Thanks in advance.


    • drgrcevich says:

      All of the presentations will eventually be available in the “resources” area of Key Ministry’s website: http://www.keyministry.org. The videos from Inclusion Fusion are housed there now. Everything is free, but a simple registration is required.

      Thanks to the generosity of our partners at Pajama Conference, Inclusion Fusion continues to be available online through Sunday, December 2nd. Feel free to go back onto the site (http://www.inclusionfusion.org) and check out any presentations you weren’t able to view this past week. Invite your friends to register to check out presentations they might appreciate! If you were registered for Inclusion Fusion, your existing password will continue to work for the site. New registrants will get their own unique password to use on the site.

      Thanks for your interest! Gillian did a wonderful presentation!


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