Note: For interview requests related to Mental Health and the Church, please contact Trinity McFadden by phone at (616) 698-3514 or by e-mail at: trinity.mcfadden@harpercollins.com.

Thanks for your interest in inviting me to your church, hospital, school, clinic, conference or event!

Speaking has always been among my most preferred vocational and ministry activities. For a number of years, I prioritized invitations to speak to professional gatherings because opportunities to influence the care offered by my peers represented the best stewardship of my time and talents as a medical professional.

Each audience and speaking opportunity is unique. I prefer to develop unique content through careful planning with event organizers. For a number of years, I prided myself on the ability to develop original medically-related presentations with slides derived from the interests of attendees after arriving at an event venue…that’s impossible without a deep understanding of the content being presented and extensive preparation. 

If your event is church or ministry-related, please contact me by e-mail at steve@keyministry.org. Please provide this basic information in your initial request…

  • Your name
  • Your organization and contact information
  • The date(s) and location of your event
  • Anticipated audience for event and anticipated audience for my presentation(s) at event.
  • Suggested topics for my presentation and my role at the event…featured speaker, breakout speaker, delivering the main teaching/message at weekend worship, etc.

I can’t accept all invitations, but here are the criteria I use for determining which faith or ministry-related presentations I accept…

  • Potential impact for mission of Key Ministry
  • Ability to meet/network with other leaders for future ministry projects
  • Ease of travel 
  • Compatibility with family schedule, work demands

If your event involves a presentation for a medical/professional group or non faith-based school/organization, contact me at drgrcevich@fcbtf.com. Please provide the same basic information requested for faith-based organizations.

NOTE: I no longer accept invitations for any pharmaceutical company-sponsored presentations considered “promotional” in nature and reserve the right to exercise complete control over the educational content of any presentation offered for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit.

If you’re interested in a sample of medical and ministry-related topics I’ve addressed, feel free to explore my Slideshare account

Here’s a sample video interview I did for Insight For Living’s Special Needs Ministry…

Here’s a presentation from the 2012 Children’s Ministry Web Summit on Asperger’s Disorder and Spiritual Development…

Here’s a biography for promotion of ministry-related events

Here’s a Curriculum Vitae for Continuing Medical Education presentations…

Technical Rider (in third-person):

Steve uses a MacBook Pro (late 2013 model) laptop running Keynote and Power Point software. He travels with his own computer, and can (with advance notice) provide an LCD projector.  His computer has connections for HDMI and VGA through an adapter using Thunderbolt ports. He prefers to run the video presentation from his own laptop using a remote operated through the venue’s wireless system, but will provide a copy of the presentation in advance to event planners when required by the technical limitations of the room.

Steve will make available a copy of his presentation notes for download prior to/during and after the event. Unless agreed to in advance, you don’t have the ability to record and resell Steve’s presentation or handouts. Audio/video recording is acceptable if the presentation will be made available free of charge and Key Ministry receives a complimentary copy and rights to use the recording as the ministry deems appropriate.

Steve recommends asking selected audience members to submit questions to a moderator in advance. Then, when the talk is over, he suggests having one person firing questions at him,  with questions included in any audio/video recording of the presentation.

For any group larger than 25 people, Steve needs a microphone. 

Steve handles his own travel arrangements when travel is required, or (for large conferences), will work with your meeting planner to select flights, overnight accommodations and ground transportation.



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  1. Kimberly says:

    God bless you and your ministry. Just wanted you to know that you have support out there.


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