Do You Feel Like You’ve Achieved Dr. Mom Status?


Have you ever had a commercial slogan or jingle stuck in your head? Of course you have!

I’m dating myself, I know, but back in the early ‘90’s there was a commercial that used to tout a certain cough syrup’s superiority by boasting that it was not only prescribed by physicians and pharmacists, but it was also recommended by “Doctor Mom.”  It stuck with me.  The implication was that because of their endless involvement in the lives of their offspring, mothers quickly develop wise discernment when it comes to best choices for their children.

Although the advertisement was a bit hokey, it seems an apt description for parents thrust into the role of special caregiver. While the “experts” often look down at us as mere maintenance workers in the home, no one knows a child as well as the one raising them. It is that nuanced learning of the day-in and day-out that creates an amazing skill set in us.

It seems that there are personal phases of study and comprehension to raising our children with challenges:

Read about them at Not Alone …

About Sandra

Sandra Peoples lives near Houston, Texas with her husband and two boys. Sandra is the Social Community and Family Support Manager for Key Ministry. She is also the author of Speechless: Finding God's Grace in My Son's Autism and Held: Learning to Live in God's Grip (a Bible study for special-needs parents).
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