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A place for families looking for a church where they’ll be welcomed…

Our challenge in the year ahead will expand by helping families impacted by disability connect with the rapidly growing movement of churches prepared to welcome them. Continue reading

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Start with Hello

I am pleased to announce the release of Start with Hello, the first of many how-to booklets that fit together in Joni and Friends new Irresistible Church series. Designed to help a church launch or re-launch sustainable, effective special needs ministry, Start with Hello walks the ministry leader through five steps to starting a special needs ministry. While each church’s journey is different, with different dreams, resources, needs and people, we’ve found that working through the five step progression puts a church on the right path to becoming an irresistible church. Continue reading

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Our Ten Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015

In the event you may have missed something that was quite popular among your fellow readers, today we share the ten most viewed posts of 2015. Continue reading

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The five words that made me a special needs advocate

I was already a special education teacher. I had friends with disabilities. I grew up with an IEP for severe speech impediments. But this wasn’t my passion yet. It was just a job. It wasn’t my heartbeat. Not yet. Then … Continue reading

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My 8 favorite Bible verses for special needs ministry (and the one I usually don’t use)

These are the eight verses I use to emphasize the calling that each church has to include all people. Continue reading

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Burdens and blessings…

And then one day I realized that the burdens often provide the biggest blessings in our lives. For every dream that is dashed by the new normal as a dad of a child with special needs, a window is cracked into new insights and revelations from God. Continue reading

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Want an easy life? Don’t become a Christian

Do you want an easy life? Stay away from church. Ignore the small, still voice inside you prodding you to serve those around you in the name of Jesus. Continue reading

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A look at our year in ministry…and what’s next

Join us as we seek to extend the love of Christ to families everywhere for whom a child with a disability has too often been an insurmountable barrier to connecting with a local church. Continue reading

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Do genes associated with ADHD and depression predispose to success?

I observed that a disproportionate number of church leaders, especially senior pastors-met the criteria for having ADHD. Continue reading

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Jeff Davidson…The five roles of a father of a child with special needs

God has placed the special needs dad on a mission. Choose to accept it and you’ll find fulfillment and the purpose for your life. Continue reading

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