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Karen Sunderhaft: Expert Tips on Teaching Kids With ADHD (Part One)

You need to take the time at the beginning of the year to set up some classroom rules and expectations so the rest of the year just flows peacefully and successfully….at least most of the time. Continue reading

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Coming This Week: Expert Tips on Teaching Kids With ADHD

I’m pleased to announce that Karen Sunderhaft, nationally recognized teacher, author and ADHD expert will be guest blogging for me this week on Wednesday, and possibly Friday as well. Continue reading

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Talking to your child’s physician about medication for church

We put together a sheet following Friday’s blog post that parents can download and share with their child’s physician when they would like their child with ADHD to experience the benefits of medication for church activities. The purpose of the … Continue reading

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The Taboo Topic: Medication at Church for Kids With ADHD (Part Three)

In a nutshell, it should be possible to find a solution for church for kids who benefit from medication at school. Continue reading

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