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A kid first…AND it’s Down Syndrome Awareness Day

I know lots of mommas who don’t like sharing their kids’ disabilities with people because then some people will never look at their kids the same way after that disclosure. They will always view the child through disability-tinted glasses. Continue reading

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Gillian Marchenko…Down Syndrome Day 2015

And know that we, other parents in this very special club, are here when you need us and that someday, you will be the one looking a new mother in the eye saying, “Our life is good. Really. It is.” Continue reading

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Gillian Marchenko…To the new mother of a baby with Down syndrome

I am a bit farther down your new path. Give yourself time to fall in love with your son, and to get used to Down syndrome. Breathe in his baby smell. Watch how his brother kisses the top of his head, how your husband gently puts him down to sleep, how your baby locks eyes with you when he eats. The weight of the world is in those eyes.

Today, you don’t have to love Down syndrome. Just love your son.
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