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Discovering God’s Purposes in Mental Illness

Is it possible that God might be using mental health concerns as an instrument for bringing about the salvation of those affected? What if God plans to use someone’s mental health condition…or the condition of a loved one as the means of connecting them with individuals and churches positioned to introduce them to the Gospel? Continue reading

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An invitation to our readers to brainstorm about God’s purposes in mental illness

What teaching or reading have you come across that’s been helpful to you in better understanding God’s purposes in mental illness? Continue reading

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Advancing the cause of disability ministry

The scope and impact of our ministry – along with the ministry done by other like-minded organizations is exploding. Continue reading

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It’s the hidden disabilities that keep kids out of church

The study found that the children most likely to be excluded from church are those with autism spectrum disorders and common mental health conditions – anxiety, depression, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder and ADHD. Continue reading

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The sexual revolution, our kids and suicide…a new look

Suicidal thinking and the severity of suicidal behavior are HIGHLY correlated with sexual activity in teens. Continue reading

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Why the church and the mental health system should work together

Churches provide services and support to a large segment of the population who would otherwise increase demands on the mental health system. At the same time, mental health professionals and leaders have an interest in seeing that the care provided by churches is of high quality and meets the needs of those being served.  Continue reading

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Eight things I think about the suicide epidemic

Here are eight thoughts for church leaders and my fellow Christians to consider in making sense  of the suicide epidemic. Continue reading

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Meet Catherine Boyle…our new Director of Mental Health Ministry!

We’re delighted to welcome Catherine Boyle to our ministry team! Catherine will be assuming a key leadership role in overseeing our efforts to support churches in mental health outreach and inclusion. Continue reading

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Why are children’s hospital ERs becoming flooded with suicidal kids?

How do we explain a nearly three-fold increase in the number of children and teens brought to pediatric emergency rooms over a seven year period with suicidal thoughts or behavior? Continue reading

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Key Ministry’s video training series on Mental Health and the Church

Our team is pleased to announce we’ve completed a library of training videos designed to accompany and support Mental Health and the Church, Key Ministry’s book on including children, teens, adults and families impacted by mental illness at church.
Continue reading

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