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When Mood Dysregulation Heightens Risk for Aggression at Church

Here’s a general rule of thumb…When a child or teen is demonstrating aggressive behavior that appears to be predominantly impulsive in nature, decreasing the sensory stimulation in the environment is generally helpful. When a child or teen demonstrates aggressive behavior resulting primarily from perseveration on a perceived hurt or frustration, distracting the child as early as possible in the cycle is generally helpful. Continue reading

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When are kids most at risk of aggressive behavior at church?

Most kids who display aggressive behavior serious enough in terms of frequency and/or severity to be of concern to church staff and volunteers will meet the criteria for one or more mental health or developmental disorders. Nevertheless, children’s and youth ministry staff and volunteers need to take steps to minimize antecedents to aggressive behavior without specific information about a child’s diagnosis or treatment. Continue reading

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The Blessings of Technology

Up to now, the scope of our ministry has been limited by the ability of trainers to take time away from their families and work responsibilities to travel to churches and church conferences and the costs involved with travel and producing resources to be shared with the churches we serve. Because of the resources that folks like Jeremy Collins have developed, our team can make our training, consultation, resources and support available, free of charge, to churches everywhere. Continue reading

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The Importance of Christian Community

I can’t imagine what it would be like to struggle with the burdens and challenges presented to parents of kids with disabilities without the ability to connect with other people with similar interests, passions and faith in Jesus Christ. Continue reading

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