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Jeff McNair: Eight Questions to Guide the Next Steps for Your Disability Ministry

“Better has no endpoint.” Whatever stage we are at in our ministry work or our own walk with Christ, we recognize we are on a continuum. Continue reading

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I wonder how we miss the obvious…Jeff McNair

We walk by, seemingly acting if we don’t know who our neighbor is. Continue reading

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Goin’ to California…

Joni’s full vision for disability ministry will be on display at the Global Access Conference 2015, to be held this coming February 17-20 at Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village, CA.
Continue reading

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Faces of the Movement…Jeff McNair

Jeff’s presentation will look at movement toward maturity in disability ministry. If someone is involved in ministry, even for a long time, that doesn’t necessarily imply that what they are doing is best. So how can one move toward maturity? What might one aspire to in ministry? Continue reading

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Inclusion Fusion Speakers…Jeff McNair

We’re pleased to announce Jeff will be presenting for Inclusion Fusion on the topic of Integration as a Core Value.

Jeff’s presentation will examine the critical, core value of integration of persons with disabilities to the local church. In particular, Jeff will outline how a radical approach to integration changes everything in terms of faith development for all church members, structures and programs, and the way people see each other. Recommendations will be provided as to how to make integration happen in the local church. Continue reading

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Inclusion Fusion: Joe and Cindi Ferrini

Noted authors, speakers and parents Joe and Cindi Ferrini have graciously agreed to join us for Inclusion Fusion. Joe and Cindi will be speaking on the topic…The Unexpected Journey of Relationships – When Special Needs Change our Course! Continue reading

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Inclusion Fusion Speakers: Harmony Hensley on Inclusive Ministry Environments

In Harmony’s workshop, she’ll explore ways to create inclusive ministry environments that engage and empower children with hidden disabilities. Participants will learn practical tips to make your ministry area a magnet for families of kids with special needs. Continue reading

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When are kids most at risk of aggressive behavior at church?

Most kids who display aggressive behavior serious enough in terms of frequency and/or severity to be of concern to church staff and volunteers will meet the criteria for one or more mental health or developmental disorders. Nevertheless, children’s and youth ministry staff and volunteers need to take steps to minimize antecedents to aggressive behavior without specific information about a child’s diagnosis or treatment. Continue reading

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