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Inclusion Fusion Speakers: Harmony Hensley on Inclusive Ministry Environments

In Harmony’s workshop, she’ll explore ways to create inclusive ministry environments that engage and empower children with hidden disabilities. Participants will learn practical tips to make your ministry area a magnet for families of kids with special needs. Continue reading

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When are kids most at risk of aggressive behavior at church?

Most kids who display aggressive behavior serious enough in terms of frequency and/or severity to be of concern to church staff and volunteers will meet the criteria for one or more mental health or developmental disorders. Nevertheless, children’s and youth ministry staff and volunteers need to take steps to minimize antecedents to aggressive behavior without specific information about a child’s diagnosis or treatment. Continue reading

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An Inclusive Movement

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve continued to have experiences that reinforce how important it is for Key Ministry to actively seek out other ministries and leaders who are passionate about sharing Christ’s love with families of kids with disabilities, to offer to support and network those ministries and leaders, and to share our platforms with them in order to assist them in expanding the impact of their ministries. Continue reading

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