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One in seven young children have a mental, behavioral or developmental disorder (MBDD). WHY?

The lack of a medical home and poor parental mental health were the two most critical risk factors for future development of MBDDs. Continue reading

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The Burden…and the Paradox

Yet I’m powerless to effectively communicate the burden I’ve been given because it’s absolutely essential for the world (and the Church) to know if this movement happens and the walls come crashing down that keep families who struggle with mental illness and developmental disabilities from connecting with the church that the work was unmistakably of God’s doing, and not that of a bunch of gifted people. Continue reading

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Another New Resource…My “Professional” Facebook Page

With the beginning of the New Year, I’m launching a new Facebook page to serve as an educational resource for families served by our practice, educators, my professional colleagues and anyone with interest in mental health and developmental disorders impacting children, adolescents and families.
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