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Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook and church

FAKE NEWS ALERT: Mark Zuckerberg never claimed that Facebook would take the place of church. But he did give a speech a couple of weeks ago that ought to spur lots of thought and conversation among those who recognize the transcendent value of Christian community. Continue reading

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We’re starting a new group for leaders in mental health inclusion ministry

Our crew at Key Ministry is starting a Facebook group for leaders interested in advancing the cause of mental health inclusion ministry. Continue reading

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Online community…component of a mental health inclusion strategy?

We’re convinced that online ministry offers the potential for contributing to an effective mental health ministry strategy where very few strategies exist. Here’s why… Continue reading

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The front door of your church…

Websites increasingly serve as the front door to our churches…a tool for introducing the church to first-time visitors and a strategy for communicating information about ministry opportunities and events to a population more likely to attend to their smartphones and tablets than to a traditional church bulletin. Continue reading

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Update…Our Front Door online church initiative for families impacted by disability

We’re grateful to the crew at CBC for their continued involvement and support with our Front Door initiative, and looking forward to offering families impacted by disability an enhanced experience of online community! Continue reading

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Key Ministry 2013…by the numbers

A look back at the 2013 ministry year from a statistical perspective Continue reading

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What we want for Christmas…and it won’t cost you any money!

At this point in our ministry development, Facebook fans may be a more valuable gift to us than cash contributions. Experts debate the value of Facebook fans, but recent estimates report a single fan may be worth up to $174 to a retailer. We can’t put a price on the value of inviting a family of a child with mental illness, trauma or a developmental disability to connect with their larger family in Christ through the ministry of a local church, but every “like” helps us expand the impact of Key Ministry for the Kingdom! Continue reading

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Kelli Ra Anderson…Faces of the Movement

Today, one year old this month, SNADLEADERS (Special Needs and Disabilities Ministry Leaders Forum) has almost 400 members and is still growing. It has proved to be a supportive and informative site where leaders (both newbies and well-seasoned), can ask their questions, offer their input, empathize over shared frustrations, and cheer one another on in the name of Christ. Continue reading

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Standing up for Colleen Swindoll and Insight for Living

Insight for Living’s Special Needs Ministry account on Facebook was hacked recently, greatly limiting Colleen’s ability to disseminate her blog and lend support to many families of kids with disabilities. This is completely unacceptable. Continue reading

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Another New Resource…My “Professional” Facebook Page

With the beginning of the New Year, I’m launching a new Facebook page to serve as an educational resource for families served by our practice, educators, my professional colleagues and anyone with interest in mental health and developmental disorders impacting children, adolescents and families.
Continue reading

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