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Ministry in a post-Coronavirus world

Change that would have occurred gradually over the next ten years will take place in the next 12-24 months thanks to the disruption from COVID. 
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Andy Stanley’s comments support the need for churches of all sizes…

Churches of every size, worship style and approach to discipleship have gifts and talents to use for disability ministry inclusion. Continue reading

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Contributing to a conversation about faith and mental illness

What if the environments in which we “do church” are distressing to large segments of our population who struggle with common mental illnesses? And what about the family members of a child or adult with a mental illness who miss out on learning about Jesus or growing in faith in Jesus because attending church or belonging to a small group or participating in a service ministry is too overwhelming to their brother or mother? It’s not unreasonable to assume that a significant chunk of people in any given community have some experience of church but don’t regularly attend church because of the subtle, but real ways in which mental illness presents a barrier to the environments in which we do ministry. Continue reading

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The Burden…and the Paradox

Yet I’m powerless to effectively communicate the burden I’ve been given because it’s absolutely essential for the world (and the Church) to know if this movement happens and the walls come crashing down that keep families who struggle with mental illness and developmental disabilities from connecting with the church that the work was unmistakably of God’s doing, and not that of a bunch of gifted people. Continue reading

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