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Rules of the Community…Everyone Gets to Play!

Every person or organization with a love for Jesus Christ, a heart for sharing the Good News of His Gospel with kids with disabilities and their families and a demonstrable capacity to do ministry with a standard of excellence that advances God’s reputation in the world gets to “play” with our team. Continue reading

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Thinking “Orange”…Kids With Disabilities Present the Church With a Unique Opportunity

One of the reasons churches shy away from serving kids with disabilities is the concern that large numbers of volunteers may be needed for a ministry that can be labor-intensive. But what if churches could reach a large, underserved population of families in their immediate communities while offering students the opportunity to engage in meaningful ministry experiences? Continue reading

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Thinking “Orange”: Catalysts for Spiritual Growth For Kids With…and Without Disabilities

What if a kid has a significant emotional, behavioral or developmental disorder that makes it more difficult to participate in the program or stick with the program? Here are ten suggestions…some are demonstrably effective, some are still working hypotheses based upon 25 years of experience as a clinician and many years of active involvement in churches. All of these suggestions are applicable to any kid or family being served by your church, and are applicable to kids with and without identified disabilities: Continue reading

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And a Child Shall Lead Them

While our focus at Key Ministry is to help churches serve, welcome and include families of kids with hidden disabilities with the intent that the kids and their families will greatly benefit from being in a church where they can come to know and love Jesus, there’s a huge potential for spiritual growth among kids given the opportunity to serve in such a ministry.
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