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Mental health ministry training at Inclusion Fusion Live

We’ll be offering an all-day training for churches interested in developing a mental health inclusion strategy and making available five additional workshops and presentations for ministry leaders and families with interest in mental health ministry. Continue reading

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Three point two percent…

Three point two percent. According to a study authored by a Baylor University professor, those are the odds of an adolescent who attends church less than once a month becoming a weekly church attender in young adulthood. Continue reading

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Are you prepared to encounter your rooster?

I worry that my own faith and the faith of many of my fellow Christians is a mile wide and an inch deep. It’s one thing to profess one’s faith in front of a room filled with like-minded people. It’s another thing when there might be a price attached to that profession. Continue reading

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Could ADHD be a blessing to some Christians?

Is it possible that in God’s Kingdom, a condition that causes as much difficulty in day to day functioning as ADHD might actually provide one of His followers with an advantage? Let’s look at how having ADHD might be of benefit to a Christian.
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Building Strong Families in a Hostile Culture

What can we do NOW to build families capable of serving as fortresses…families that honor God and serve as outposts for the reestablishment of Jesus’ Kingdom in the midst of “enemy territory? Continue reading

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Spiritual growth in kids…what does the research say?

What steps would I take as a parent if I want to increase the likelihood that my kids are going to grow up to be mature Christians, actively engaged in a local church and using their gifts and talents in serving others? Continue reading

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The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…ADHD in families

When kids have ADHD, we’re often relying upon parents who themselves have difficulty setting priorities, following through on tasks and maintaining focus to be their primary faith trainers. Continue reading

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Join us at keyministry.tv in January!

Invite friends to check out some highlights from last November’s Inclusion Fusion Disability Ministry Web Summit and experience the first installment of our “Key Talks” disability ministry training curriculum in January!
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Can God use our anxiety for good?

When we judge someone’s faith or spiritual life because of their anxiety, we ultimately push them into a place of shame. Shame drives people into hiding and not seeking and getting the help they need. Continue reading

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Thinking Orange: Supporting the family’s role in spiritual development when kids have disabilities…

How are the kids in the family supposed to come to know and love Jesus if we’re not prepared to welcome the parents to church…and all the other activities at church we’ve found to be helpful in facilitating spiritual growth?
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