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Partying With a Purpose

Today, we’ll look at “Party With a Purpose,” a complete guide for churches seeking to develop outwardly-focused inclusion events. We’ll also share our Special Events toolbox, including resources for doing an inclusive Vacation Bible School, hosting neighborhood parties and doing inclusion ministry outside the walls of the church.
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Guest Post: Harmony Hensley…Prom Thoughts

In this new role as a “Mommy” I find myself praying a lot about the people who will cross paths with Ransom over the course of his life. I pray daily that there will be countless other believers, warriors in the Kingdom of God, who will come alongside him and speak life into him. That they will enter into his story and see God at work in his life. I imagine for every smiling face that is greeted curbside there is a Mom or Dad out there who hopes and prays for the same thing for their child with special needs. And I know that God is looking down on each of them beaming with pride “That’s my kid!” (I can just hear him say it!)
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Harmony Hensley: God’s Grace in the Voice Mail

I listened to the message again and just smiled. I was reminded that sometimes in ministry we get so caught up in the litany of tasks and events that we execute that we lose sight of the real impact they have on those we serve. The Prom isn’t just a party. It’s a night where the playing field is level, the kingdom advances, and a people who have been marginalized and often forgotten are celebrated. So it only makes sense that our friends would begin counting down the days for their next dance the moment the DJ stops the music. They thirst for the same thing you and I do – to belong. Continue reading

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