Guest Post: Harmony Hensley…Prom Thoughts

Editor’s Note: Tomorrow night (September 30, 2011), a team of nearly 1,500 volunteers from one of our favorite churches will be welcoming over 1,000 special guests who will get to experience a party providing a taste of what it’s like to be a son or daughter of the King.

The appropriately named “Team Big” from Vineyard Community Church in Cincinnati has been preparing for the fourth Annual “Prom” while their leader, our friend and colleague Harmony Hensley, has been preoccupied with other responsibilities. Harmony gave us permission to share this note from her Facebook page. You’ll get to hear more from Harmony next week as she contributes to our current series on welcoming families of kids with aggressive behavior to church.

Here’s a video from 2008 to give you a little taste of the Vineyard Prom:

My house is quiet this morning.  My precious boy is napping peacefully and I decided to just spend some time with God; to thank him for trusting us with this incredible boy, and to ask him to bless him with an incredible part to play in the Kingdom of God.  I know he has amazing plans for Ransom, because God keeps his promises.  I am constantly blown away that the God of the universe would choose to advance his mighty kingdom through everyday people like you and me.

I’m struck lately by the fact that I don’t deserve this incredible life that God blessed me with.  I’m overwhelmed pretty much on a daily basis.  In a world ravaged by war, poverty, and unspeakable injustices, I sit here typing in my comfortable house, next to my beautiful son, writing about the ridiculous blessings that have been showered on me.  It’s not “fair” but I’m deeply thankful.

This morning I found myself praying for The Prom coming up this Friday.  It’s been very surreal to be on maternity leave and away during the Prom season.  Though I am cherishing each sweet moment with Ransom, I find myself thinking a lot about the 1,000 guests who will grace the red carpet in just three days.

In this new role as a “Mommy” I find myself praying a lot about the people who will cross paths with Ransom over the course of his life.  I pray daily that there will be countless other believers, warriors in the Kingdom of God, who will come alongside him and speak life into him.  That they will enter into his story and see God at work in his life.  I imagine for every smiling face that is greeted curbside there is a Mom or Dad out there who hopes and prays for the same thing for their child with special needs.  And I know that God is looking down on each of them beaming with pride “That’s my kid!” (I can just hear him say it!)

I once had a divine encounter with a parent of an incredible young boy who happened to have autism.  As she shared with me her hopes and dreams for her son she explained that her greatest fear would be that one day he would grow up and that he wouldn’t be “cute” anymore.  That no one would love him.  Those words stung my heart then and are even more crushing to me now as I think about my own son.

Each guest that dances with us on Friday night is precious in the eyes of God, like you and I.  And they each have an incredible part to play in advancing the Kingdom.  Frankly, without them – we (the Body of Christ) are incomplete.  So as you dust off your fancy clothes (which in the Vineyard world is pretty much anything above jeans and a t-shirt; Gotta LOVE it!) to serve, think of the person you will meet that night.  Pray that they see God in YOU and that they come in to relationship with the one who treasures all of his people, just as they are.  Because sometimes seeking justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly (Micah 6:8) involves sequins, a tie, and some dancing.

Hope to see you all there…. And to those of you who feel forgotten – hold fast – God’s people are coming for you – and they’ve got a disco ball.  🙂


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1 Response to Guest Post: Harmony Hensley…Prom Thoughts

  1. mark215 says:

    I’ll be praying for PROM tomorrow. I so wish we lived closer, so we could be a part of it. I hope someone will be taking and posting pictures of the gala! 🙂

    Bless you and your family!


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