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Outward Focused Inclusion Ministry…Ryan Wolfe on Ensuring Justice

I have sat beside and talked with people who have been abused in institutions. I have looked in the eyes of people who have been neglected by group home staff. These statistics and news stories are not just happening in other places around the world or even in third world countries, they are happening right around me. Somehow I knew that this was unacceptable. But what really could the church do about this? Continue reading

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Outwardly Focused Disability Ministry…Guest Blogger Ryan Wolfe

So what does it mean when an individual is placed on a guardian waiting list? It means that this individual has no family, friends or relatives who are willing or able to advocate for this individual. Imagine for a minute what that really means. Often it means that every person in this individual’s life is paid to be there. Imagine how you would feel as a human being if the only people in your life were paid to be there. Think of the isolation, loneliness and vulnerability that you may feel.
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Libby Peterson: The Church Has Left the Building

We are challenging ourselves to take that next step in ministry – to move from ministry through programs to ministry through lifestyle. . .from asking families to come and be with us – to going to be one of them. Continue reading

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Harmony Hensley: God’s Grace in the Voice Mail

I listened to the message again and just smiled. I was reminded that sometimes in ministry we get so caught up in the litany of tasks and events that we execute that we lose sight of the real impact they have on those we serve. The Prom isn’t just a party. It’s a night where the playing field is level, the kingdom advances, and a people who have been marginalized and often forgotten are celebrated. So it only makes sense that our friends would begin counting down the days for their next dance the moment the DJ stops the music. They thirst for the same thing you and I do – to belong. Continue reading

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