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Hi, I’m Shannon, and this is my family

I see us, as a church, cheering at announcements about pending adoptions and then not knowing what to do when the child arrives and eventually joins in children’s ministry programming. I listen to friends who have had to change churches after the welcome mat was pulled away when it became too hard to include them. And I also hear church leaders saying that they want to help but they just don’t know how. Continue reading

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Inclusion Fusion Speakers…Shannon Dingle

Shannon’s second presentation will afford her an opportunity to speak on another topic she’s passionate about…Disability, the Sanctity of Life, and the Church. Most churchgoers could easily identify their church’s stance on abortion. However, being pro-life means much more than just standing up for fetuses. In this presentation, Shannon will examine Bible verses about the sanctity of life and unpack the ramifications this has for our understanding of disability. Practical ideas for showing the sanctity of all life in your church and to your community will also be discussed. Continue reading

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Shannon Dingle…Simply the Right Thing to Do

Can we still call ourselves churches if we don’t care enough about others to consider their lives and their needs? Or would it be more accurate to paint over “church” and replace it with “country club” or “social group” instead? Continue reading

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