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The obligation of church leaders who promote adoption

I’d like to challenge church leaders to assume responsibility for supporting their families when they pursue adoption ministry. Continue reading

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Fall training events from Key Ministry

We want to give our followers a sneak preview of events planned for Ohio, North Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky this coming Fall… Continue reading

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Hi, I’m Shannon, and this is my family

I see us, as a church, cheering at announcements about pending adoptions and then not knowing what to do when the child arrives and eventually joins in children’s ministry programming. I listen to friends who have had to change churches after the welcome mat was pulled away when it became too hard to include them. And I also hear church leaders saying that they want to help but they just don’t know how. Continue reading

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Book Review: Reclaiming Adoption

linical experience suggests that most families who adopt children with significant emotional, behavioral or developmental disorders don’t have churches with the resolve and resources to offer the ongoing supports necessary to maintain the family’s participation at church and equip the parents for their role as their child’s primary faith trainers.
Continue reading

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