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Partnering with parents to display the works of God in special needs ministry

Because every child’s disability is unique, it’s vital to talk with each family to figure out the best ways to include their child in your church. Continue reading

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Nice recognition for Key Ministry…and some of our friends!

Thanks to Tony Kummer and his crew at Ministry to Children for recognizing Church4EveryChild as one of the Top 100 Children’s Ministry Blogs (#15) for 2013!
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Inclusion Fusion Speakers…Shannon Dingle

Shannon’s second presentation will afford her an opportunity to speak on another topic she’s passionate about…Disability, the Sanctity of Life, and the Church. Most churchgoers could easily identify their church’s stance on abortion. However, being pro-life means much more than just standing up for fetuses. In this presentation, Shannon will examine Bible verses about the sanctity of life and unpack the ramifications this has for our understanding of disability. Practical ideas for showing the sanctity of all life in your church and to your community will also be discussed. Continue reading

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Shannon Dingle…Simply the Right Thing to Do

Can we still call ourselves churches if we don’t care enough about others to consider their lives and their needs? Or would it be more accurate to paint over “church” and replace it with “country club” or “social group” instead? Continue reading

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Are Parents of Kids With ADHD Stigmatized at Church?

Earlier this week, Shannon Dingle had a wonderful post on her blog The Works of God Displayed (I’d highly encourage readers of this blog to subscribe to Shannon’s blog) on perceptions of folks in the church about the diagnosis of ADHD. I’d encourage you to read her post, because I’m challenged to express my opinions as eloquently as she did on her blog. I very much appreciate as well the comments on her blog from a pastor (Perry) who was willing to give voice to some of the thoughts and feelings Shannon was seeking to describe in her post.
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