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Teaching the essentials to reach children of all abilities at church

If children and students at our church only grasp one thing today, what should it be? Continue reading

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The five words that made me a special needs advocate

I was already a special education teacher. I had friends with disabilities. I grew up with an IEP for severe speech impediments. But this wasn’t my passion yet. It was just a job. It wasn’t my heartbeat. Not yet. Then … Continue reading

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Why every mature Christian should have to preach at least once…

We’d all have a far greater appreciation for the dedication and commitment required of the folks who put their heads and hearts into sharing with us from God’s Word every week. Make a point of telling your pastor how much you appreciate their dedication and commitment. Continue reading

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Cara Daily…Do I have to have surgery to open my heart to Jesus?

We’re continuing our series on Stuff That’s Too Good to Ignore with a look back at a fabulous interview Katie Wetherbee did with Dr. Cara Daily for this year’s Inclusion Fusion on the topic of communicating abstract concepts about God and faith to children and teens with autism spectrum disorders who think very concretely.
Continue reading

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