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Life with depression is not a waste

God intimately knows the days I can’t function. Regardless if they are lost to me, they are not lost to him. He is not unaware of my numbed mind and aching limbs crawling towards the next minute. No, he is right there with me. He is sovereign. He is the one providing the next patch of light in my life. Even if his purpose escapes me, purpose exists nonetheless. Continue reading

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Surrendering to help…Barb Dittrich

A person can take all the drugs they want, and that won’t magically make their problems disappear. But the medication has been like a ladder to help me climb out of a deep, dark, impossible hole.

I had to humble myself before I could be lifted up. I had to admit my inability to solve this problem on my own.
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Obsessing on the story…Dave Lynden

The “spiritual autism” that isolates us from others is penetrated, in part, by a story God has weaved into the fabric of our very being. And in that sense, it is not only we who are obsessing over a story, but God who is drawing us in- connecting with us, telling us we are part of the story! Continue reading

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Mental illness is not who I am…Guest Blogger Chelsea Kowal

God can use anything in His power to heal people with mental illness, including medications and therapy. People with mental illness should always be encouraged to get the help that they need in order to function. I was fortunate enough to have pastors who helped me seek the correct help. Continue reading

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Contributing to a conversation about faith and mental illness

What if the environments in which we “do church” are distressing to large segments of our population who struggle with common mental illnesses? And what about the family members of a child or adult with a mental illness who miss out on learning about Jesus or growing in faith in Jesus because attending church or belonging to a small group or participating in a service ministry is too overwhelming to their brother or mother? It’s not unreasonable to assume that a significant chunk of people in any given community have some experience of church but don’t regularly attend church because of the subtle, but real ways in which mental illness presents a barrier to the environments in which we do ministry. Continue reading

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Does depression result from a lack of faith?

Isn’t it possible, perhaps likely that God might use our suffering to strengthen our faith and to draw us into closer relationship with Him? Continue reading

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Stuff that’s too good to ignore…Rhett Smith

Rhett Smith shared a very powerful presentation for Inclusion Fusion 2012 in which he examined how our views on anxiety often exclude those struggling with it from our church communities…along with the ways in which God uses our anxiety for good Continue reading

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Stuff that’s too good to ignore…Matthew Stanford

Matt’s talk should be required viewing for pastors and church staff seeking to more effectively minister to families impacted by mental illness. Continue reading

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Cara Daily…Do I have to have surgery to open my heart to Jesus?

We’re continuing our series on Stuff That’s Too Good to Ignore with a look back at a fabulous interview Katie Wetherbee did with Dr. Cara Daily for this year’s Inclusion Fusion on the topic of communicating abstract concepts about God and faith to children and teens with autism spectrum disorders who think very concretely.
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Faces of the Movement…Amy Jacober

In Amy’s presentation, she’ll expound upon her observation that many people find after volunteering with people with disabilities that their own faith not only is strengthened but flourishes. What may begin as a hesitant agreement to “serve others” becomes a life changing experience for all involved. This is good news for those recruiting leaders who may be reluctant thinking that they either not qualified or fearful of what it may do to their faith.
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