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Does adoption Christianese sometimes feel like a sucker punch?

For children in adoptive or foster placements, their lived experiences might offer a perceived theology of a God who abandons, a God who watches but is not overly involved, a God who leaves, or several gods who are interchangeable as different caregivers. Then when we take those assumptions about God and layer confusingly positive Christian clichés about adoption, the end result can be dismissiveness instead of discipleship. Continue reading

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Help Wanted…for two “Key” jobs

We’re looking for a couple of good men…or women. We have two paid positions we’re seeking to fill. Continue reading

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Cara Daily…Do I have to have surgery to open my heart to Jesus?

We’re continuing our series on Stuff That’s Too Good to Ignore with a look back at a fabulous interview Katie Wetherbee did with Dr. Cara Daily for this year’s Inclusion Fusion on the topic of communicating abstract concepts about God and faith to children and teens with autism spectrum disorders who think very concretely.
Continue reading

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Communication Breakdown…Doing Ministry Together Without Diagnostic Labels

If we decide not to use a medical-based model as a common language around which to serve kids and families in churches, we need a common language for communication with one another that can be readily understood by every staff person and every volunteer at church. I’ll argue that it’s best to to use everyday language while guided by a set of communication principles. Continue reading

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