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Key Strategy #2…Building a team

We’ve also sought to establish a culture that other strong leaders with big visions can join. We’re not just providing a service…we’re part of a movement. And movements need lots of high-capacity leaders with big visions. And we need to learn from other high-capacity leaders if we’re to honor God by doing what we do with a level of excellence that reflects His nature and character.
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Key Strategy #1…Services and resources are offered free of charge

We saw the opportunity to provide services free of charge as an opportunity for our organization to model an object lesson in grace. After all, Jesus paid the price for our salvation. We can’t do anything to earn salvation…we simply have to accept Jesus’ gift, freely given. If “free” worked for Jesus, it should work for us. Continue reading

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Tales from the special needs ministry front…

I thought I’d share some very neat updates that have drifted across our radar screen… Continue reading

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Six Key Strategies

During March, we’ll share six “Key” strategies…operating principles and approaches that provide a framework for our staff and volunteers when unexpected opportunities arise. Continue reading

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Top Ten Online Influencers in Children’s Mental Health

I was honored to be listed among the Top Ten online influencers in the field of children’s mental health (#7, to be specific) by SharecareNow. Continue reading

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Joe Padilla…The Church Response to Families Impacted by Depression

The church can consider having biblically based mental health support groups for these families. We (Mental Health Grace Alliance) have designed Family Grace Groups for family members who have a loved one affected by mental health difficulties and disorders. The groups are led by non-professionals and work in any church. The groups follow a faith-structured curriculum of topics to help understand and navigate challenges and even learning their own self-care. Continue reading

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