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What’s causing the epidemic of mental illness in kids?

Here are some of my hypotheses as to why over 20% of U.S. kids meet criteria for at least one mental disorder: Continue reading

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Top Ten Online Influencers in Children’s Mental Health

I was honored to be listed among the Top Ten online influencers in the field of children’s mental health (#7, to be specific) by SharecareNow. Continue reading

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Hot Topics: Should Christian Parents Seek Out Christian Mental Health Professionals?

Effective treatment of your child’s mental health condition can often reduce or remove significant barriers to spiritual growth. Unfortunately, parents may find it far easier to find someone to fix their kid than finding someone to fix the attitudes demonstrated toward persons experiencing mental illness at their church. Continue reading

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Hot Topics: Money and Children’s Mental Health: An Insurance Parable

We’ll kick off Children’s Mental Health Week by focusing on the challenges families face when seeking to access services for their kids through their health insurance benefits. Continue reading

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How might bipolar disorder affect church participation and spiritual development?

It’s more likely in our practice that a family of a child with an autism spectrum disorder will be involved with church than a family of a child with bipolar disorder. Continue reading

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