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Why every mature Christian should have to preach at least once…

We’d all have a far greater appreciation for the dedication and commitment required of the folks who put their heads and hearts into sharing with us from God’s Word every week. Make a point of telling your pastor how much you appreciate their dedication and commitment. Continue reading

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Advancing the movement…

I’ll share some ideas about strategies we can all begin to pursue where we’re positioned right now…this is intended to be a starting point to spark discussion Continue reading

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An adoptive parent’s plea…Why won’t God show us what to do?

The church also needs to be prepared to come alongside parents through the process of raising kids exposed to trauma or abuse and proactively put the necessary supports in place to allow families who adopt to maintain their active role in their local church family. Continue reading

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Evidence of God at work…just outside the Beltway

Every time I’ve been able to attend, I’ve come away with three or four invaluable new contacts who have contributed greatly to our work at Key Ministry. Continue reading

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Guest Blogger Dave Lynden…Remembering How the Story Began

On the Labor Day weekend of 2010, I found myself- yet again- living the story of the Scriptures while on a trampoline with my beautiful little boy who was soaking in the unadulterated one-on-one time he had with his dad. Continue reading

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Today’s Presentation…Supporting Kids and Teens Who Struggle With Anxiety

Here’s my Power Point presentation for the talk I’ll be presenting later today at the 2013 Accessibility Summit at McLean Bible Church in McLean, VA Continue reading

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Joe Butler: Life with Micah, Part Two…Ability Tree becomes a reality

The vision of Ability Tree is big. It’s my life mission, and will take at least a lifetime to see fulfilled. We have already seen glimpses of the vision God placed in our hearts. Listen to what one of our volunteer families wrote recently… Continue reading

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Guest Blogger Joe Butler…Life With Micah

The more we learned about special needs ministry, the more we learned that the majority of churches weren’t equipped to include families with special needs. Both Jen and I sensed that it was our life mission to reach out to other families like our own.
Continue reading

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Our kids (and families) aren’t defined by a diagnosis…

Your child is not defined by their diagnosis. They’re the same kid that they were when they got up this morning, with the same strengths, weaknesses, gifts and talents. As Christians, we’re defined by who we are in Christ. Their diagnosis is not their identity. Continue reading

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Autism Awareness Month…What about the siblings?

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, I thought it would be appropriate to share a few resources focusing on siblings of kids with special needs, along with a wonderful resource from the Key Ministry website. Continue reading

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