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Hu Auburn on Kingdom Theology…Faces of the Movement

Kingdom Theology has to do with why we do the things we do. Whether we consider this something that is simply interesting or something that is crucial all depends on how we view the importance of our motives and intentions. Thus, I would like to begin by thinking with you about matters of motivation, and then think more about how Kingdom Theology shapes those motives. Continue reading

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Leaning into our greatest fear…

Matt’s book is really about submission…giving up our agendas and sense of self-sufficiency for a life in which we experience both pain and joy in the process of truly experiencing the presence of God through becoming totally dependent upon Him. Continue reading

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What would JEREMIAH do? Teaching at Martindale Christian Fellowship…

We’ll look to Jeremiah’s life for insight and understanding as to how God wants His servants to carry themselves during a time when remaining faithful to the teachings of Scripture is decidedly uncool. Continue reading

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