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3 helpful responses when countries close international adoption

So how should we, as the church, respond when countries close to international adoption? Continue reading

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Churches, mental health inclusion and respite care…

Through providing respite care, churches can step in the gap to meet an immediate need for parents of kids with mental illness while providing an opportunity for members and attendees to serve others in a practical way and connect with families who likely lack a meaningful connection with a local church. Continue reading

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Join us Wednesday for a “Notable” documentary…

The film highlights three stories of individuals with disability living in a culture where families are often shamed, isolated and marginalized by their community because of their child having a disability. Continue reading

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Matt Mooney…Why after all the hard, did you choose hard again?

Matt Mooney served as our guest blogger for Father’s Day 2013. Many people were touched by his family’s story last June…we thought we’d share with our new readers… Matt currently serves as Executive Director of 99 Balloons, a non-profit organization based in … Continue reading

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Leaning into our greatest fear…

Matt’s book is really about submission…giving up our agendas and sense of self-sufficiency for a life in which we experience both pain and joy in the process of truly experiencing the presence of God through becoming totally dependent upon Him. Continue reading

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Why after all the hard, did you choose hard again? Guest blogger Matt Mooney

If I have learned anything from walking a road of loss- one I begged not to go down, then it is encompassed in the following words as best as I am able. God is not about our comfort. He is about His kingdom coming to this earth. And when we seek our own happiness in the ways that seem so native to our mind, we walk straightway into a most miserable life.

His ways are not our ways.
Continue reading

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Reminding myself that we’re winning the war

Most of the disability ministry leaders I know are tired, underfunded and apprehensive about the future…like most of the families we serve. But the progress being made by the disability movement is unmistakable and real. It’s gratifying to see the ways in which God is mobilizing our colleagues to do great things on behalf of His Kingdom!
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