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My new job…

I’m honored to announce that our Board has offered me the opportunity to serve the ministry in a 25 hour/week volunteer staff position as Director of Strategic Initiatives in the year ahead, while maintaining my current role as Board Chairman of Key Ministry. Continue reading

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Hu Auburn on Kingdom Theology…Faces of the Movement

Kingdom Theology has to do with why we do the things we do. Whether we consider this something that is simply interesting or something that is crucial all depends on how we view the importance of our motives and intentions. Thus, I would like to begin by thinking with you about matters of motivation, and then think more about how Kingdom Theology shapes those motives. Continue reading

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An open letter to the people of Bay Presbyterian Church

What a fabulous way to let families of kids with special needs know that this is a place where they too were wanted…where their presence mattered. When I became involved with other leaders from Bay Presbyterian Church in starting Key Ministry, my primary motivation was that I wanted other families to have the same opportunity to experience church that my family had. Mission Accomplished! Continue reading

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Entrepreneurs for Christ…Key Ministry Birthday Wishes

I’m honored that Key Ministry is part of the Kingdom legacy of the people, past and present, of BPC. My hope is that we’ll still be around at Christ’s return, serving to extend the work He performed within the walls of Bay Pres by helping other churches everywhere minister to families of kids with disabilities.
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Pastor Hu Auburn: An Appreciation

During the month of December, I’m recognizing members of our ministry team who lead behind the scenes and make possible the training, consultation and resources Key Ministry offers to churches.

Today, I’m honoring the contributions of Pastor Hu Auburn, one of our founding Board members and Key Ministry Vice-President for the past eight years.
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