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Winter Blog Series: Applying “Orange” Principles in Ministry to Families of Kids With Hidden Disabilities

After reading “Think Orange,” I concluded that many of the principles discussed in the book are especially relevant as catalysts to spiritual development in kids with more subtle, or “hidden disabilities.” During the lead-up to this year’s Orange Conference, the blog will explore how specific “Orange” principles and perspectives can be applied to ministry with families in which one or more children experience disabilities.
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The Importance of Christian Community

I can’t imagine what it would be like to struggle with the burdens and challenges presented to parents of kids with disabilities without the ability to connect with other people with similar interests, passions and faith in Jesus Christ. Continue reading

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Why is the Local Church So Important?

We’re all broken, all imperfect, all self-centered and all of us sometimes harbor the wrong motives. But through the church, God takes a bunch of messy, self-centered, broken people and with a lot of grace, He mixes it all up and often creates something wonderful that reflects upon His glory and provides a blessing to His creation.
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Book Review: Reclaiming Adoption

linical experience suggests that most families who adopt children with significant emotional, behavioral or developmental disorders don’t have churches with the resolve and resources to offer the ongoing supports necessary to maintain the family’s participation at church and equip the parents for their role as their child’s primary faith trainers.
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Autism, Vaccines and Dr. Wakefield…follow-up

While we don’t want disagreements over the causes and treatments of common emotional, behavioral or developmental disorders to distract us from our primary goal, children’s and student ministry leaders should have a solid understanding of current assessment and treatment methods. Continue reading

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What Do Vaccines, Autism and Dr. Wakefield Have To Do With Christianity?

When we stop seeking the truth, we stop seeking God. While I failed in reflecting grace in my Facebook post, I was angered by Dr. Wakefield’s deliberate attempt to misrepresent truth, and the harm that resulted to kids and families loved by God in the process. Continue reading

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