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“Doing church” when kids struggle with social communication…

Let’s consider the challenges a kid would experience who has difficulty picking up on body language or the meaning behind the tone and inflection of speech if their parents decided to start attending your church. Continue reading

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Why “snow days” are rough on many kids with disabilities

Unscheduled days off from school provoke dread among families of kids with conditions we frequently see in our practice…kids with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), kids on the autism spectrum and kids with ADHD. Well-meaning school officials who cancel classes in severe winter weather because of concern for the safety of kids waiting outside for extended periods, or the safe transport of kids and teachers to and from school often cause unintentional hardships for families of kids with disabilities. Continue reading

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Why the decision to eliminate Asperger’s Disorder was absurd…

From a clinician’s standpoint, kids with Asperger’s are VERY different from kids with “classic” autism. Kids with Asperger’s have the intelligence and language skills to very effectively communicate their thoughts and perceptions. They also have a far greater capacity for self-awareness of their social deficits…and are far more amenable to treatment interventions to ameliorate their weaknesses in social situations. They’re so different that the vast preponderance of kids with traditional autism in our community receiving medical intervention are seen by developmental pediatricians and pediatric neurologists, not child psychiatrists. Continue reading

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Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder…not quite Asperger’s

SCD has become the diagnostic category for kids who look like those with Asperger’s Disorder, but don’t meet full criteria for an autism spectrum disorder.
Continue reading

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What Do Vaccines, Autism and Dr. Wakefield Have To Do With Christianity?

When we stop seeking the truth, we stop seeking God. While I failed in reflecting grace in my Facebook post, I was angered by Dr. Wakefield’s deliberate attempt to misrepresent truth, and the harm that resulted to kids and families loved by God in the process. Continue reading

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