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Stuff worth checking out at the Through The Roof Summit

The complete schedule for the breakout sessions for the upcoming Bioethics Conference and Through The Roof Summit is now available here. In addition to the presentations being offered by Katie and Annie Wetherbee, Rebecca and Abby Hamilton, Dr. Cara Daily and myself described here, allow me to suggest several other folks you want to check out if you’re planning to attend the conference at Cedarville University on September 15-17.
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Hidden Disabilities and Promotion Sunday

Kids with hidden disabilities and their families may not look forward to these transitions with the same anticipation as their peers at church. Transition times all too often result in kids and families falling away from church programming. With a little understanding of the ways in which transitions may impact kids with specific disabilities and some advance planning, church staff, volunteers and parents can help most have positive experiences as they progress into their age-appropriate ministry environments with the onset of the new program year.
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Collaboration in the Special Needs/Disability Ministry Movement

From my read of the Bible, we were designed by God to collaborate with one another in our worship and service. No one has all the gifts. Everyone has some gifts. The gifts and talents of God’s people were designed to work in concert with one another. It never made sense to anyone at Key Ministry to build our organization around a single leader or personality because such approaches seemed to run counter to God’s design.
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Inclusion Fusion…Call for Presentations

We’re delighted to offer the opportunity to participate as a faculty member to any member of our larger family in Christ with resources or wisdom to share to help us more effectively serve families of persons with special needs. After all, doesn’t that reflect what it means to be inclusive? Continue reading

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Guest Blog…Aaron Scheffler from Mark 2 Ministries

Originally posted on 8/21/11, revised 9/19/12). Between now and Inclusion Fusion on November 3-5, 2011 (Inclusion Fusion 2012 is scheduled for November 12-16, 2012, FREE registration available here) we’ll be introducing you to some of the speakers and ministries that … Continue reading

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Final Key Ministry Lineup…Bioethics Conference and Through The Roof Summit

Our team is honored to participate in the Bioethics Conference and Through The Roof Summit at Cedarville University on September 15-17, co-sponsored by Joni and Friends. Here’s the final lineup of presentations from Key Ministry staff and volunteers: Continue reading

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Stuck…by Rhonda Martin

Rhonda Martin’s new book, Stuck, is an invaluable resource for kids with OCD and their families because it helps kids and parents to recognize that others experience similar types distressing thoughts, irrational fears and compulsive behaviors. The ability to attach a name to symptoms is often the first step in the process of seeking help. The kids I see in my practice have often suffered in silence for years. The availability of Stuck will undoubtedly result in thousands of kids and families seeking help who wouldn’t have otherwise experienced relief from a condition that prevents them from becoming the people God created them to be. Continue reading

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What Happens After the Benediction?

So much of what we at Key Ministry, along with other special needs ministry leaders focus on is creating welcoming and inclusive environments to help families be able to attend church. But how do we come beside families of kids with disabilities and “do life” with them after the connection has been made and the families we serve are now part of our church?
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Beyond Zero Tolerance…Key Ministry Fall Preview

The focus of our Fall blog series will be on helping churches safely and effectively welcome, serve and include families of kids at risk of aggressive behavior. In the series Beyond Zero Tolerance, we’ll examine

Why kids may manifest maladaptive aggression
Conditions frequently associated with aggressive behavior
Times and environments at church when kids most likely to experience difficulty controlling aggressive behavior
Strategies for managing the risk for aggressive behavior in kids with autism and other developmental disabilities, mood disorders, ADHD and anxiety
Strategies for effective collaboration between church staff, volunteers and parents of kids at risk for aggressive behavior
Tips for church staff and volunteers to help reduce risk of aggressive behavior
Interventions when kids behave aggressively at church
Processing critical incidents with staff, volunteers and parents
What to do when the risk of aggressive behavior precludes kids from attending church
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How I let my team down…The key ingredient

Maybe if I learn my lesson more quickly and pray and the first sign of adversity as opposed to plan, I’ll spare my team too many more humbling experiences. Continue reading

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