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Why the decision to eliminate Asperger’s Disorder was absurd…

From a clinician’s standpoint, kids with Asperger’s are VERY different from kids with “classic” autism. Kids with Asperger’s have the intelligence and language skills to very effectively communicate their thoughts and perceptions. They also have a far greater capacity for self-awareness of their social deficits…and are far more amenable to treatment interventions to ameliorate their weaknesses in social situations. They’re so different that the vast preponderance of kids with traditional autism in our community receiving medical intervention are seen by developmental pediatricians and pediatric neurologists, not child psychiatrists. Continue reading

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Asperger’s Disorder…Barriers to Inclusion at Church

Last Sunday, we examined some of the challenges to spiritual growth kids with Asperger’s Disorder are likely to encounter. Today, we’ll focus our attention more specifically on barriers to inclusion of kids with Asperger’s at church.
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Spiritual Growth Challenges for Kids With Asperger’s Disorder

We spent time this past week reviewing the criteria used to diagnose Asperger’s Disorder, and looked at some of the challenges kids with Asperger’s experience as a result of other conditions frequently associated with the disorder. Today, we’ll use this information to anticipate the obstacles to spiritual growth kids with the condition are likely to encounter.
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Downloads and Free Registration for the Children’s Ministry Websummit

Just a reminder…my video presentation on our current blog series, Square Pegs and Round Holes…Helping Kids With Asperger’s Disorder and Social Disabilities Grow Spiritually, will be available online from April 2-6 as part of the 2012 Children’s Ministry Websummit.
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Square Pegs and Round Holes…Helping Kids With Asperger’s Disorder and Social Disabilities Grow Spiritually

Today we’re launching a series to help support churches seeking to minister more effectively to families of kids with Asperger’s Disorder and other social disabilities. The blog series will kick off five weeks of special content in honor of Autism Awareness Month. This series will also accompany a video presentation I’ll be offering on the topic as part of the 2012 Children’s Ministry Websummit, available online, everywhere, free of charge (registration required), from April 2-6. Continue reading

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Helping Kids With Asperger’s Disorder Grow Spiritually…2012 Children’s Ministry Websummit

In this presentation, I’ll review the challenges to church attendance and participation resulting from Asperger’s Disorder, discuss how family ministry approaches can help spur spiritual growth in kids with social disabilities and share tips for children’s pastors, church staff and volunteers for successfully including kids who struggle socially in your ministry environments. Continue reading

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Key Ministry in Pictures…2011

Our Key Ministry team had quite a year in 2011. Here are some of the highlights… Continue reading

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DVDs Available From Inclusion Fusion

Our friends at Pajama Conference (our partners and hosts for Inclusion Fusion) are making available a complete set of DVDs capturing all of the presentations from this year’s Special Needs Ministry Web Summit.

The 8-DVD set will be available for shipping on Thursday, December 15th for the very modest price of $49. This is an excellent gift to a church interested in starting or growing a ministry to persons with special needs, and will also be cherished by family members with a loved one experiencing a significant disability.
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Inclusion Fusion Speakers…Jeremy Collins

Without Jeremy Collins, we wouldn’t be able to put on a conference like Inclusion Fusion.
Jeremy serves of the Children’s Pastor and Media Director at Bethel Harvest Church in Nicholasville, KY. In Jeremy’s spare time, he launched a website, Pajama Conference, to provide ministry education for free or at a very low cost. Pajama Conference was founded upon the belief that education shouldn’t have hours of operation or believe that you should have to spend a lot of money on travel and hotels to go to a conference to learn what you can in your pajamas. Several members of our team had an opportunity to participate in this year’s Children’s Ministry Websummit, saw the potential Jeremy’s technology presented for equipping churches to serve families of kids with disabilities and Inclusion Fusion was born. Continue reading

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