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The top four reasons for attending…or hosting the Front Door Church

Do you want to do something you’ve never done before to reach people who have never been reached before with the saving message of Christ? Do you enjoy communicating and connecting with others? Is there a group of people that you could extend an invitation to join you at online church? Do you feel comfortable sharing spontaneous prayer with and for others? Is there a time of day that works best for you where you sense others would join you at online church? Do you have access to a computer and feel capable with Facebook? These simple requirements make you the perfect host! Continue reading

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This Week at The Front Door…May 11-17, 2014

As we begin our fourth week of offering church for families of kids with disabilities at The Front Door, we’re expanding our worship schedule to four evenings per week. Continue reading

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Why “snow days” are rough on many kids with disabilities

Unscheduled days off from school provoke dread among families of kids with conditions we frequently see in our practice…kids with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), kids on the autism spectrum and kids with ADHD. Well-meaning school officials who cancel classes in severe winter weather because of concern for the safety of kids waiting outside for extended periods, or the safe transport of kids and teachers to and from school often cause unintentional hardships for families of kids with disabilities. Continue reading

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How Dads are Impacted When Kids Have Disabilities

Last year, an interesting study was presented at the International Society For Autism Research suggesting that over 30% of fathers of teens and young adults with autism experience symptoms of depression significant enough to warrant clinical attention. Continue reading

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Chairman’s Choices-Inclusion Fusion Day Four…Being Missional

I’ll jump right in to my viewing recommendations for today, with an emphasis on developing relationships with families of kids with disabilities who aren’t currently a part of our churches… Continue reading

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Faces of the movement…Jeff Davidson

He’ll talk about the differences in men and women as it relates to being parents of a child with special needs. He’ll discuss how men and women are wired differently, think differently, and react differently to being a parent of a child with special needs. Continue reading

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Can disabilities be disabling in some places, but not others?

What do we do when folks need accommodations in order to consistently attend church and participate in activities that facilitate spiritual growth but function relatively well at home, at work or in school? Continue reading

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High Risk, High Reward…Disabilities and Leadership

I’m not so sure about the impact of visible disabilities upon ability to perform effectively in leadership positions, but there’s interesting evidence to suggest that traits associated with hidden disabilities may be very adaptive for some leaders.
Continue reading

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Continuing a father’s legacy…

While my dad wasn’t around for as long as I would have hoped, we had the opportunity to work together on activities that helped advance the Gospel. But what about families who don’t know Jesus because of the social isolation and barriers to church participation that result when one or more children in the family experience a significant disability? Continue reading

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Is “Special Needs” Acceptable People First Language?

I think there’s considerable risk that kids who become aware of being served through a “special needs ministry” would feel hurt and offended. I think there’s a minimal risk that parents who are currently outside the church might avoid involving kids in a “special needs ministry” because of assumptions their child would be treated differently. But why should the church run the risk of using language that might present an additional barrier to families of kids with disabilities connecting with their larger family in Christ through the local church? Continue reading

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