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What we know about kids who do what Josh Duggar did

It might be helpful to look at the available research into kids and teens who commit sexual offenses to better understand the background of kids who perpetrate these offenses and the impact that treatment may have on reducing their risk of harming others in the future. Continue reading

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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for kids with depression…pros and cons

The kids I treat are prone to what one of our therapists refers to as “stinking thinking”…automatic, irrational thoughts pop into their heads in the course of day-to- day living that trigger negative emotions and lead to patterns of self-defeating behavior. These patterns of self-defeating behaviors often reinforce their cognitive misperceptions and lead to a downward spiral resulting in symptoms of anxiety, depression, and sometimes, suicidal thoughts or plans. Continue reading

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Be Not Anxious…The Role of Medication for Kids With Anxiety

Medication is appropriate for children who experience moderate to severe functional impairment from anxiety symptoms, fail to respond or respond incompletely to psychotherapy or experience one or more comorbid conditions that require concurrent treatment. Medication is also appropriate when anxiety symptoms interfere with the child’s ability to participate in or benefit from talk therapy, or situations when the family is unable to access therapy for geographic or financial reasons. Continue reading

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