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Effective Treatment of PTSD in Children

The earlier children with PTSD are treated, the better. Early treatment means less likelihood of complications from multiple untreated traumas, less time for inappropriate trauma response behaviors to become ingrained habits, and less likelihood of other mental conditions arising from untreated traumas. Though early treatment is best, it is never too late to seek treatment. Continue reading

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What we know about kids who do what Josh Duggar did

It might be helpful to look at the available research into kids and teens who commit sexual offenses to better understand the background of kids who perpetrate these offenses and the impact that treatment may have on reducing their risk of harming others in the future. Continue reading

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When Mama Needs Help…Ellen Stumbo

Parenting children with high needs can be so incredibly hard and painfully lonely.
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Treatment doesn’t eliminate the need for ongoing support…

Clearly, good treatment can help the vast majority of kids and families impacted by mental illness. But treatment doesn’t always work as well as we would hope in the fallen, messed-up world we live in. And families need our support through every step of their journey. Continue reading

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When kids with developmental disabilities experience trauma…

So…what are some things we might suggest to parents of kids with disabilities seeking to protect their children from becoming victimized…or seeking to help their children after traumatic experiences have occurred? Continue reading

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Treating the traumatized child or teen

The treatment approach with the most support in the research literature is trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy (TF-CBT). TF-CBT has been demonstrated superior to other non-specific or non-directive therapies in kids from preschool age through adolescence. Continue reading

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Be Not Anxious…Understanding Treatment of Anxiety Disorders in Kids

In general, the most effective approach to treating kids with significant anxiety is a combination of medication and a very specific counseling approach referred to as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Continue reading

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