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Three point two percent…

Three point two percent. According to a study authored by a Baylor University professor, those are the odds of an adolescent who attends church less than once a month becoming a weekly church attender in young adulthood. Continue reading

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How to Prevent PTSD in Traumatized Children

This post reviews some of the techniques parents and other adults can use to lower the risk of PTSD developing in our kids after they experience a traumatic event.
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Effective Treatment of PTSD in Children

The earlier children with PTSD are treated, the better. Early treatment means less likelihood of complications from multiple untreated traumas, less time for inappropriate trauma response behaviors to become ingrained habits, and less likelihood of other mental conditions arising from untreated traumas. Though early treatment is best, it is never too late to seek treatment. Continue reading

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Why and How Childhood PTSD Is Often Misdiagnosed

Here are some reasons childhood PTSD is often misdiagnosed. Continue reading

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Childhood PTSD Symptoms in Tots, Teens, and In Between

Symptoms of childhood PTSD change as children mature. Behavioral clues and symptoms in a 2-year-old will be different from those of an 8-year-old, and the 8-year-old’s symptoms may be markedly different from those of an 17-year-old. Continue reading

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What we know about kids who do what Josh Duggar did

It might be helpful to look at the available research into kids and teens who commit sexual offenses to better understand the background of kids who perpetrate these offenses and the impact that treatment may have on reducing their risk of harming others in the future. Continue reading

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We’re teaming up for a counseling summit in Cincinnati!

In this counseling Summit, we’ll offer practical strategies for identifying and treating the most common…and pressing mental health concerns in children and teens. Continue reading

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The struggles families face to find good mental health services…

Our team at Key Ministry seeks to help ministry leaders better appreciate the challenges families face in finding the proper help for their kids with emotional or behavioral disorders and offer resources when parents turn to churches in search of help.
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Including kids and teens with mental illness at church…Grasping the relationship barrier

The kids and families we serve in our child and adolescent psychiatry practice are extremely vulnerable to a vicious cycle of escalating social isolation, perpetuated by the nature of the conditions they experience, their propensity to misinterpret the thoughts and reactions of other people and the stigma associated with mental illness. Continue reading

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When do the effects of trauma cross the line into PTSD?

Kids with PTSD are more likely to have Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Separation Anxiety Disorder, males with PTSD are more likely to have concomitant substance use disorders and Conduct Disorder, with depressive, bipolar, anxiety and substance use disorders occurring more commonly among adults with PTSD. Continue reading

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