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Our ministry blueprint for 2017

It makes me happy to think about other families having a strong faith foundation when the winds and waves of contemporary life come crashing against the shore. Continue reading

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Ten priorities for the disability ministry movement…

Here are some thoughts about how, with God’s help, God’s people might overcome the “giants” standing in the way of families impacted by disabilities who face barriers to connecting with their larger family in Christ through involvement in the local church. Continue reading

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Key Strategy #4…Intentionally collaborative

Today, we’ll look at our ongoing efforts to advance our mission and the disability ministry movement through partnering with other like-minded organizations and individuals. Continue reading

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Collaboration in the Special Needs/Disability Ministry Movement

From my read of the Bible, we were designed by God to collaborate with one another in our worship and service. No one has all the gifts. Everyone has some gifts. The gifts and talents of God’s people were designed to work in concert with one another. It never made sense to anyone at Key Ministry to build our organization around a single leader or personality because such approaches seemed to run counter to God’s design.
Continue reading

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