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Five reasons limiting electronics is harder for kids with mental health conditions

I am suggesting that parents consider why their child’s reactions to being parented in their use of technology are so extreme and to consider how they might address the “why” that fuels their child’s apparent addiction to their electronic toys. Continue reading

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Ryan Wolfe…Keeping the Disabled Connected

Several years ago I asked our County Board Superintendent what the #1 problem was facing the disability community. Without hesitation he said it is the problem of isolation. Isolation is a universal experience for those in the disability community. It … Continue reading

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Online Church for families impacted by disability…TODAY at 1:00 Eastern

UPDATE: Nils Smith will be joining us at 1:00 PM Eastern and 9:00 PM Eastern for an interactive chat! Continue reading

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Help Wanted…for two “Key” jobs

We’re looking for a couple of good men…or women. We have two paid positions we’re seeking to fill. Continue reading

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Pursuing those who Jesus loves…Key Ministry 2.0

Kids with disabilities, their siblings, and their families generally don’t experience the sense of being pursued. They’re not the first ones picked for teams on the playground. They’re not the kids who get invited to sleepovers or “play dates”. They’re not the recipients of the increasingly grandiose (and public) invitations to attend the prom. We’re going to help churches pursue them…and allow them to experience what it’s like to be pursued.
Continue reading

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Key Ministry 2.0…What do we value?

Scripture teaches that ALL of us who are part of the church have unique gifts and talents to contribute to God’s Kingdom…including those with disabilities and their families. Continue reading

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Key Strategy #6…Leveraging technology to maximize our impact

The greatest obstacle we face in sharing the Gospel with kids with disabilities and their families rests in the challenges presented by the environments in which we worship and do much of what we refer to as “ministry.” Our newfound ability to connect with people anywhere, at any time provides us with a tool to bridge the barriers that currently exist at church for kids who process sensory information differently, evaluate risk differently and maintain self control differently than kids considered more “typical.” Continue reading

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Faces of the Movement…Chris Nelson

Leaders in the disability community are beginning to explore the use of available technologies to minster to more individuals and more families more effectively. Chris Nelson will be providing a primer in the use of technology in inclusion ministry in his upcoming presentation Technology and Special Needs Ministry. Continue reading

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