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The Case For Key Ministry

I’d be hard-pressed to recommend a better return on investment for your financial resources dedicated to the work of the Kingdom than an investment in Key Ministry. Continue reading

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A Vision Fulfilled…The NEW Key Ministry Website

We need a website that allows us to offer our ministry resources to churches everywhere, including places where we don’t yet have the time or resources to travel personally. I want a person in another city to be able to refer their church to this site, and for staff/volunteers at their church to be able to connect with us, and access what they need to launch this type of ministry. I want this site (and related tools) to help us cast influence among leaders in the worldwide church. We’re providing a service and leading a movement. I want the site to reflect the love we have for Jesus, the passion we have for serving, and the fun we have in serving together.
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The Game Plan for 2012

Unlike our pitiful, hometown excuse for an NFL team, our team has a solid game plan for the year ahead…not to mention an infinitely better Coach. Here’s a peek at our goals for 2012-goals worthy of a tenth anniversary celebration next December! Continue reading

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Building the Foundation for a Very Big House

Looking ahead to 2012, our team’s primary strategic initiative the systems and people and funding in place to allow us to offer training, consultation, resources and support to churches throughout the U.S. and beyond with a relational presence. Christianity is about relationships as opposed to religion…and ultimately about our relationship with our Heavenly Father through His Son, Jesus Christ. We want churches undertaking ministry to families of kids with disabilities to have a person (or people) in their area who they can turn to for help and support…someone they can build a relationship with as they connect with and build relationships with families attracted by their ministry.
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Fruit…Guest Post from Rebecca Hamilton

We covered all the specifics that night; I fielded a few phone calls and e-mails with last-minute questions before these proverbial little birds were ready to fly. Their first respite night is coming up this Friday, and once a month thereafter. I can’t wait to hear all the stories that will come from their sincere desire to serve their community for Christ. I’m privileged to have been a small part of what I know will shine a bright, pure light toward Christ. Please join us in praying for their efforts, and for the efforts of every church that wants to serve in this way. His love is amazing!
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What Services Does Key Ministry Provide to Churches?

Ultimately, we want Key Ministry to be all about relationships and not just resources. After all, Christianity is ultimately about a relationship…with Jesus Christ. Continue reading

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