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Why are suicide rates up 56% among youth in this past decade?

Dr. Grcevich shares several hypotheses about contributing factors to the rapidly increasing rates of suicide in older children and teens. Continue reading

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Are kids from devoutly Christian families with same-sex attraction at higher risk of suicide?

In the absence of any data supporting an association between traditional religious beliefs and increases in suicidal thinking or behavior in children and adolescents, suggesting an ethical mandate exists to influence kids with same-sex attraction to leave their places of worship for more “affirming” congregations or suggesting parents need to “process their religious commitments in light of evidence-based recommendations” is extremely premature at best, demonstrates an extraordinary lack of cultural sensitivity and ignores the ways in which spiritual formation and church attendance may help mitigate the increased risk of suicidal behavior among sexual minority youth. Continue reading

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Heart transplants and autism…should we fear the slippery slope?

Should we fear the “slippery slope?” When the ethicists responsible for laying down the principles for determining who will and won’t get access to medical treatment operate from a position of contempt for Christians (and other people of faith), we’ve already started careening down the hill. Continue reading

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