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Why are suicide rates up 56% among youth in this past decade?

Dr. Grcevich shares several hypotheses about contributing factors to the rapidly increasing rates of suicide in older children and teens. Continue reading

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The mental health crisis among persons with autism

Perhaps one of the reasons the church has struggled to effectively minister with many persons with autism spectrum disorders is that we don’t do a very good job of welcoming and including children and adults with mental health-related challenges common among persons with autism?  Continue reading

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Three point two percent…

Three point two percent. According to a study authored by a Baylor University professor, those are the odds of an adolescent who attends church less than once a month becoming a weekly church attender in young adulthood. Continue reading

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Why are rates of completed suicide exploding among the young?

What the statistics don’t tell us is WHY we’re seeing such a significant increase in the rates of suicide among children, teens and young adults, along with sizable increases in suicide rates among adults of middle age, especially women. What might be causing the increase? I’d like to put forth a few “educated guesses.”
Continue reading

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Book Review: Amplifying Our Witness by Ben Conner

In Ben’s book, he advocates for a “practice-centered” approach to discipleship of teens and young adults with developmental disabilities. Through including adolescents with developmental disabilities in traditional Christian practices (worship, hospitality, prayer, friendship) involving participation in a community of faith, a transformative effect on spiritual development can occur based upon intuition and impression that doesn’t necessarily correspond to our understanding of intellectual or psychosocial development. Continue reading

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