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Caring for our neighbors in a COVID-19 mental health crisis

Here’s why I’d recommend Psychological First Aid to any pastor or church leader interested in quickly building capacity to care for large numbers of hurting people during the pandemic. Continue reading

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Are kids from devoutly Christian families with same-sex attraction at higher risk of suicide?

In the absence of any data supporting an association between traditional religious beliefs and increases in suicidal thinking or behavior in children and adolescents, suggesting an ethical mandate exists to influence kids with same-sex attraction to leave their places of worship for more “affirming” congregations or suggesting parents need to “process their religious commitments in light of evidence-based recommendations” is extremely premature at best, demonstrates an extraordinary lack of cultural sensitivity and ignores the ways in which spiritual formation and church attendance may help mitigate the increased risk of suicidal behavior among sexual minority youth. Continue reading

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A fun look at Key Ministry’s work with churches in 2018

The need for our ministry to churches is growing rapidly! Here’s a look at how we helped in 2018. Continue reading

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10 ways to be a safe church for sexual assault survivors

How can our churches be safe places for survivors like me, even those who will never disclose their stories? Continue reading

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The suicide epidemic among high-functioning persons with autism

Adults with autism and no intellectual disability are over NINE TIMES MORE LIKELY to commit suicide when compared to their age-matched peers. Continue reading

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We’re looking for churches to welcome families impacted by disability. HUNDREDS of churches…

We seek to connect families with churches close to where they live. We need LOTS and LOTS of churches willing and prepared to welcome families impacted by disability. And that’s where you come in. Continue reading

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The responsibilities of church leaders who promote adoption

I’d like to challenge church leaders to assume responsibility for supporting their families when they pursue adoption ministry. Continue reading

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The struggles families face to find good mental health services…

Our team at Key Ministry seeks to help ministry leaders better appreciate the challenges families face in finding the proper help for their kids with emotional or behavioral disorders and offer resources when parents turn to churches in search of help.
Continue reading

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Pursuing those who Jesus loves…Key Ministry 2.0

Kids with disabilities, their siblings, and their families generally don’t experience the sense of being pursued. They’re not the first ones picked for teams on the playground. They’re not the kids who get invited to sleepovers or “play dates”. They’re not the recipients of the increasingly grandiose (and public) invitations to attend the prom. We’re going to help churches pursue them…and allow them to experience what it’s like to be pursued.
Continue reading

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Stuff that’s too good to ignore…Beth Guckenberger

From a resource development standpoint, providing information and materials to help churches support families who adopt children likely to have special needs will be a big theme on this blog next year. Beth Guckenberger and her organization, Back2Back Ministries are doing some great work in this area. Here’s her presentation from this past year’s Inclusion Fusion, Holistically Serving the Adopted/Foster Child… Continue reading

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